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Welcome to Takasaki
Enjoy your stay at the Aile Hotel

Aile Hotel offers convenient condominium living located within walking distance to Takasaki station, Gunma Prefecture. Enjoy quality travel to and from Takasaki city.

Aile Hotel

We do our best to host and satisfy our guests from all over the world and provide amazing experiences and happiness through lodging at the Aile Hotel. We proudly support the revitalization of the Takasaki region.



We offer 4 unique types of accommodations;

Aile House

Two newly built detached houses with stylish interior and well selected furniture.

K&K House

Japanese detached house for up to 14 guests.

Maison de Aile

Sophisticated 2 types rooms

Logement Aile

5 rooms which have unique concept

Enjoy Takasaki,
Enjoy Aile Hotel

We listed shops and restaurants around Aile Hotel and Takasaki station.


Zip away to popular sightseeing places.

We introduce tourism information about Kanto, Jyoetsu and Hokuriku areas from Takasaki by Shinkansen.
Go and explore interesting sightseeing places from Takasaki.